New York Yankees 5, Chicago Cubs 0! (Over two games)

New York, NY – The Cubs and Yankees were forced into a double header after yesterday’s game was postponed. I know of at least one Cub’s fan that was force to miss yesterday’s game. By the amount of visible empty seats, the Yankee’s could have used her in the stands. The Cubbies couldn’t get much going leaving me to wonder if they accidentally left the bats outside overnight. The first game was especially painful because they faced Masahiro Tanaka. Tanaka was this off-season’s premier free agent who had most Cub fans salivating as they imagined the Wrigley renovation would actually begin on the field rather than on the stands. The Cubs front office swing and miss proved to be an omen as 10 Cubs swung and missed today. Tanaka pitched like an ace in an eight inning, 3-0, victory. On the plus side, Jason Hammel only gave up 5 hits and bullpen finished the last two innings without giving up a run. The only Cubs hitters that got hits were Anthony Rizzo and Junior Lake.