Our Favorite Things!

As the holiday shopping frenzy begins in earnest, it’s never too early to investigate gift ideas for friends and family. Here at wrigleyvillenation.com, we recommend Chicago Cubs and baseball oriented gifts. In that vein, we have assembled a list of some of our favorite gift ideas. Go Cubs!

If you know how to read and you want to exploit that skill, I recommend reading books about baseball. There are a number of books available that discuss sabermetrics and different ways of analyzing statistics. The Cubs’ current front office places a great deal of stock in these methods. If you want to learn more about this topic, I highly recommend the following books:

If you are looking for books about the Chicago Cubs, I recommend the following Cub classics:

It’s 18 degrees in Chicago, so if you plan on going outside, you might want to look into getting a Cubs’ winter hat:

While you contemplate dressing for the cold, Cubs’ jerseys and t-shirts make a great extra layer for Winter. Here are a few samples:

Finally, if you rent or own a home that has walls, consider decorating them with Cubs’ paraphernalia:

Update! Thanks Randy for this addition to our favorites. Loved it!

These are just a few Chicago Cub gift ideas. Feel free to share any other suggestions that you may have for your fellow Cub fans.