Prospect Chat on Baseball Prospectus: Cub Parts

In case you missed it while travelling to Chicago for the Cubs Convention, the always entertaining and insightful Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus chatted with readers on Friday morning about prospects across baseball. Quite a few Cub prospects were discussed, including Kris BryantJavier BaezArismendy AlcantaraJorge Soler ,Kyle HendricksDan VogelbachC.J. Edwards, and Eloy Jimenez. Parks’ Top Ten Cub Prospects will be released soon. In the meantime, here is my twitter summary of the Cub parts from Friday’s chat:

Kris Bryant: 35 Bombs Potential


Javier Baez: Elite Bat Speed & Raw Strength

 Arismendy Alcantara: Jose Reyes-Light

Jorge Soler: Elite Raw Power, More Tools than Skills

Kyle Hendricks: Developmental Win


Dan Vogelbach: Vogelbach can “F$%@ing” Hit!

C.J. Edwards: Serious Pop with Deep Arsenal


Eloy Jimenez: Big Power