Believe, Theo Will Stay even if the Cubs Stink, Barry Bonds is Back, Olt can See and Baez Busts a Windshield

Touch-The-Bases-IconCubs believe farm system can live up to Baseball America hype
I’m going to side with the Cubs with this one. (See the link about Baez breaking windshields!)

Touch-The-Bases-IconTheo Epstein promises to stick with Cubs through thick or thin
I think I’ll tell my boss if I stink up the joint that he shouldn’t worry because I’ll stay on for more years. LOL! In truth this headline is a bit misleading. The article is simply Theo setting expectations that it will take time for players to develop AND for big time free agent money to start rolling in. It doesn’t answer why the Cubs can’t afford to field any top free agents this year!

Touch-The-Bases-IconBarry Bonds will return to Giants as a spring training instructor
Why the sudden love from the Giants? I mean, couldn’t they have signed him to hit when my fantasy team needed him in 2008!

Touch-The-Bases-IconCubs notes: Olt ‘seeing’ just fine
I’m really wishing for the best for Olt so we get some early season excitement. Too bad he fell from guru grace and lost his top 100 prospect status. I’d love to see him arrive to “the show” just when everyone has written him off.

Touch-The-Bases-IconCubs Prospect Javier Baez Leaves Mark on Car Windshield with Home Run
Love this story — especially the comment about fans parking too close.

Touch-The-Bases-IconAP Source: Nelson Cruz, Orioles Reach 1-Year Deal
Nelson Cruz finally signs for $8.5 million with Baltimore. I guess this doesn’t matter much to Cub fans except he didn’t sign in our division!