Cubs Calendar: April 16, 2004

The Cubs defeated the Cincinnati Reds 11 to 10 on this sunny 76 degree day in front of 40,173 Wrigley Field faithful. The Cubs fell behind 9-4 in the sixth inning and 10-7 in the eighth inning in large part due to poor pitching performances by Segio Mitre and Michael Wuertz. The Cubs pulled within one run when pinch hitter Todd Hollandsworth hit a two-run home run in the bottom of the eighth inning. In the ninth inning, Sammy Sosa tied the game with a solo shot and Moises Alou followed up with a home run to win the game. Earlier in the game Alou and Aramis Ramirez also hit back-to-back home runs. Joe Borowski won the game and Danny Graves took the loss.

Photo: Sammy Sosa / Burns! / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 / Alteration: Cropped