Cubs Calendar: May 27, 1984

In a very memorable game, the Cubs fell to the Cincinnati Reds 4-3. Making his first start as a Cub following a trade from the Boston Red Sox for Cubs’ great Bill Buckner, future Hall of Fame pitcher Dennis Eckersley threw a complete game, but still earned the loss. In the bottom of the second inning, Cubs’ third baseman Ron Cey hit a three-run home run down the left field line to give the Cubs a lead. Following the home run, Reds’ pitcher Mario Soto pushed third base umpire Steve Rippley and was ejected from the game. Enraged by his ejection, Soto charged onto the field and tackled Cubs’ third base coach Don Zimmer.  A brawl ensued between the teams. After order was restored on the field, the umpires gathered to discuss the call and home plate umpire Paul Runge overturned Rippley’s initial ruling and determined that the ball had been hit foul. Cey returned to the plate and lined out to shortstop. Without the three runs that Runge stole from the Cubs, the team fell one run short to spoil Eckersley’s Cubs’ debut.

View the video on YouTube: Click here. The fight breaks our just after the 20 minute mark.



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