Cubs meet with Neighbors about Wrigley Expansion

During a sometimes contentious ninety minute meeting, representatives from the Chicago Cubs met with community members in an event moderated by Alderman Tom Tunney. During the question and answer session, several neighbors expressed concerns with the Cubs’ revised expansion plans. The general feeling from the crowd was one of irritation with the Cubs for pursuing the new plan just four months after receiving approval for the original planned development. Others criticized the Cubs’ failure to seek and obtain community involvement in formulating the new plan. During the meeting, the Cubs’ representatives answered questions and assuaged some of the neighbors’ misgivings. Nevertheless, many left the meeting dissatisfied with the Cubs’ current proposal. The Landmark Commission will meet Thursday for a public meeting to discuss and possibly approve the Cubs’ request for planned development modifications. Below are some of the live tweets sent by Wrigleyville Nation from the meeting.

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Photo: Wrigley Field / Andor Kish / CC BY-NC 2.0 / Alteration: Cropped