Cubs trivia from the 1990s

With the Cubs 1990s homestand underway, it’s as good a time as any to put some memories of that decade to the test. An artifact from that decade has provided some fodder for an interesting mental exercise, for those willing to accept the challenge.

Sammy Sosa (you knew his name was going to come up for this decade) victimized many pitchers on his way to 66 home runs in 1998. What later turned out to be a big fraud, between the steroids and the corked bat episode, was, at the time, a summer event like none other that we’ve seen at Clark and Addison. And when the Cubs ended the season tied with San Francisco for the lone wild card berth in the National League, the magical ride was extended by one day.

The scorecard sold at Wrigley Field for that playoff game provided a list of all 66 home runs that Sammy Sosa hit during the 1998 season. Using that, and a few minutes of Googling, I was able to come up with a trivia challenge based on that season’s results. Let’s see how well you can remember sixteen years ago:

Name ONE pitcher Sosa homered off in 1998 who is now in the Hall of Fame. (HINT: He also played for the Cubs during his career)

Name TWO pitchers Sosa homered off in 1998 who are still pitching in the majors. (HINT: One of them later pitched for the Cubs)

Name THREE pitchers Sosa homered off in 1998 who are sadly no longer with us on this earth. (HINT: None of them ever pitched for the Cubs)

Answers will be provided later on in the homestand. Good luck!

Photo: Trivia / Mahender G / CC BY 2.0 / Alteration: Cropped