Best month in 70 years

As the Cubs started piling up the wins after the All-Star break, it seemed important to put all of the good fortune into some type of historical context. After forty years as a Cubs fan, I had little, if any, point of reference to the team being this good.

The high-water mark, in terms of a regular season, during my lifetime was the 2008 team, who finished the year at 97-64, just one win better than the 1984 team. The Cubs are currently on pace, as of Tuesday afternoon, to win 95 games this season. That’s assuming a win percentage of 59%, which could go even higher if the team stays hot.

The last time the Cubs reached 100 wins for a season was back in 1935. To reach 100 wins this season (it’s possible, I swear), the team needs to go 28-11 the rest of the way. I’ve seen 100 losses in a season already, but 100 wins would be so much sweeter to experience.

But the point of this piece isn’t to make that case. The Cubs are 17-4 in August, which is a robust .810 win percentage. The last time the Cubs have finished a month with a higher winning percentage was July of 1945, during the final days of Wold War II. The Cubs went 26-6 that month, for a winning percentage of .813.

If the team can finish strong by winning 6 of the final 7 games this month–and who’s to say they can’t do that now?–they’ll end up at a gaudy .821 for the month. The Cubs have had better months than that before, but not in any of our lifetimes. If it happens, I’ll be sure to spell them all out here.

It’s been a fun ride so far, and September’s not even here yet. Go Cubs!