Hoping for the Cubs and Royals in the Series

It all started over the weekend, as I was rummaging through a box of baseball cards in my basement. These things aren’t investments for me, and never will be. They’re just little pieces of paper to remind me of all the players that have come and gone through the years.

The ones I had when I was a kid back in the 70s all disappeared well before I went away to college. But along came eBay 20 years later, and I was able to pick up bunches and bunches of these things in the days before my kids came along and wanted to do things like eat and wear clothes. And ice skate, too. There’s always that, at least in my world.

I was going through the old cards and happened upon a 1977 vintage Pete LaCock Topps card. LaCock’s name has always made me giggle, so I wanted to have a little fun on Twitter. I sent out a tweet to a couple of baseball people I know, including the proprietor of WrigleyvilleNation, advising that I had LaCock available, but it had to be requested first. To send out LaCock in unwanted directions is a criminal act, after all.

Some favoriting and other online responses ensued, and my old work colleague Josh Wilker suggested that the 1978 LaCock Topps card, or “Pensive LaCock,” was busy thinking about the matchup of his two big league teams somewhere off in the distance of time. I hadn’t given the Cubs’ opposition in the World Series–did I just type that out?–any thought before Josh made that comment.

But now it’s one step closer to a reality. The Cubs need four wins, and the Royals need four wins. Once those 8 wins happen–and I’m fully confident that they will–we’ll have the first (and likely the only) all-LaCock World Series. I’ve even given it a name: @LaCockFight2015, and have just set up a twitter account to that effect today. Feel free to join up if you want to. This is the first public announcement of its existence. We’re small now, but just watch us grow!

Will it bother me if the Royals don’t win? Not in the least. The Cubs could play the ’85 Bears in the World Series–with Ditka driving the bus–and I’d still be deliriously happy. I’m certain none of them would have an answer for this Cubs lineup, either.

So, LaCock or not LaCock in the Series? That is the only real question, because the Cubs are going to get there either way. And what a good time we’ll all have when they do!