Wrigleyville Nation Ep 39 – Guest: Jonah Keri from grantland.com, Talking Joe Maddon to the Cubs

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This weeks guest is Jonah Keri.  Jonah Keri is from grantland.com and is the author of Up, Up, & Away about the Montreal Expos.  And, he is the author of the Extra 2%, the story of the Tampa Bay Rays.  We talk all about Joe Maddon’s arrival and what it means for the Cubs.   What should we expect from the new Cubs manager.  Pat gives an update on neighborhood construction, and more.  Tell a Cubs fan friend about us.  Enjoy….and Go Cubs!

Photo: Joe Maddon Rays at Orioles 8/26/14 / Keith Allison / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 / Alteration: Cropped

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